Social Dining at CNU

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About DiningBuddy

DiningBuddy is a social dining experiment created for Christopher Newport University.

The goal of the project is to create a social dining experience on campus that allows students to share information about the dining halls from their smartphones.

By using the location services of these devices and a digital GPS coordinate-based map of campus, it is possible to determine how many students using the app are present in a dining hall at any given time. By combining this data with information provided by students about how crowded their dining hall is, the service attempts to make a prediction about the overall status of the location.

DiningBuddy is a project of three parts:

The GPS coordinate map of CNU's dining halls is shown below and can give you an idea of the boundaries and general setup of the area detection system. The raw geojson is provided to each user. If you're interested in using part or all of this file for any other project, feel free to do so with proper credit given.