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Algorithm Improvements

10 Mar 2015

Over the next few days, I'll be working on improving the counting algorithm that reports the status of the dining halls to your devices. By introducing a new system I hope to report a more accurate view of what you can expect, and make better predictions about how crowded the dining halls actually are.

Up to this point, DiningBuddy has only presented the counts of those students using the app who are in the dining halls. Despite a huge amount of data, however, updates come in from only a small subset of students on campus, making it sometimes difficult to know what to expect. Using the data provided from only active users of the app, the new counting algorithm will attempt to extrapolate out and simulate what will happen if all students on campus were reporting. This should present a more accurate picture of campus as a whole.

I'll be tweaking the system over the week to see what works best, and hopefully achieve a better representation of the campus dining halls with your help! The best thing for the app is more users, which means more data to make more accurate predictions. If you want to be a part of improving DiningBuddy, please share it with your friends! Thanks for your support!

Go Captains!

The alpha version of DiningBuddy. We've come a long way!