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Introducing Favorites

09 Mar 2015

After a snowy and unexpectedly long Spring Break at CNU, I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and excited to be back!

Today I'm happy to announce the release of a fantastic addition to DiningBuddy's features: favorites.

For some of us, the walk across campus to the further dining hall will be made worth it just for one item on the menu. So that you always know where to go and never miss another of your favorite meals, DiningBuddy will now do the work for you!

With DiningBuddy version 1.1 out now for iPhone and Android phones, you can now set favorite items on the menu to receive notifications for. If you particularly like an item on the menu, just add it to your favorites and you'll know next time it's being served!

If one of your favorites is going to be about campus, your phone will receive a notification before any of the dining halls open, so you have a chance to see it before you leave for the morning.

To customize your favorites, click the information icon in the bottom right hand corner of your iPhone, or hit the menu button on your Android device. Make sure you check the Favorite Food Notification item, and then edit the Favorite Foods section to your liking.

You can add as many favorite foods as you like. Simply separate items with a comma, and write them exactly as you see on the menus. For example, you can set your favorites to "Macaroni,Wing Wednesday" or "Tater Tots,Tender Tuesday,Pulled Pork" or just "Ham"

I hope that this new functionality makes itself useful for you and that everyone has a great week back!

Go Captains!