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DiningBuddy on CNU TV, and some Android updates

30 Jan 2014

This week I got to sit down with the great folks over at CNU TV to talk about DiningBuddy and what the plans are moving forward with the project. Check out Episode 6 to see the piece, and thanks to CNU TV for covering the app!

DiningBuddy users are continuing to grow thanks to supporters like you guys who are helping share the app just with word of mouth. I'm really proud to be apart of such a cool community where something like this can happen! In update news for this week, Android received a bump to version 1.0.4 which includes support for over 2,000 new Android devices. If you've been unable to get DiningBuddy on your phone, you should definitely check the play store again and grab your copy.

Some really cool new stuff is coming soon for both iPhone and Android users, so I'll be sure to update soon enough!

Go Captains!