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DiningBuddy in the Captain's Log!

22 Jan 2014

Captain's Log Article Headline

That's the headline of the news article about DiningBuddy, thanks to the excellent work of Josh Reyes at the Captain's Log!

You can view the online version of the article or check out page 8 of today's issue (volume 46, issue 12) in PDF format! It's incredibly cool to see everything taking off. I learned a lot just working on this project, and to see what I worked on actually be used and talked about is just the most amazing thing. I'm really glad everyone has found it so useful!

As many people are aware, the iPhone version currently available (1.0.2) has some location bugs. A couple hours after releasing DiningBuddy, I was notified that some people's iOS devices weren't updating the fact that they were in one of the dining halls, even when they really were. After frantically eating dinner and running over to Einstein's to do some debugging, I realized the GPS accuracy I had assumed would work fine for my purposes was actually nowhere near sharp enough to pinpoint users in the dining halls. In fact, locations were only updating every few kilometers.

This obviously presents a huge issue, so it had to be fixed. I have good news along with today's post which is that the updated build (1.0.3) has just cleared Apple's App Review and will be hitting the store in a couple hours! It's likely that I'll be posting an in-app alert to the older version to help ensure that people get updated and can actually use the app as it was meant to be used! If you do use iOS, I would recommend keeping an eye on the app store to grab the update as soon as you can.

Thanks to everyone for your support, even through the ridiculous bugs.

Go Captains!

Launch Day Download Statistics

Launch Day iOS download statistics. You guys are awesome!